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How to Stay Organized Working From Home

Gray Plunge Dress


How to Stay Organized Working From Home

As with any work environment, working from home has both pros and cons. Flexibility in schedule, a flexible dress code policy, and low transportation costs are just a few benefits that having my office a mere ten feet away from my bed has provided. But, it has definitely been a challenge that I’m still learning to adjust with. Being my own boss, determining a schedule optimized for my goals, and staying organized are just a few of the challenges I face. But I am proud to say that I now feel confident in my new home office organization abilities, and here are my tips for helping you stay organized working from home.

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Florida State GameDay Dress

Garnet Dress | GameDay Dress | Florida State


What you wear can be a telling sign not only of who you are, but what you believe. What you believe in and who you support influences your daily habits, your relationships, and your perspective on life.

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On Finding The One

Zara Stripe Shirt


Love is funny. Doesn’t it always seem like when we’re putting all of our efforts towards finding “the one,” all we end up is a giant pile of losers? And then the very moment we decide to swear off our search for good, we somehow stumble into the love of our lives?

Last Friday, I found the one.

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Finding a Low-Maintenance Dress

Boho Dress | Floral Dress | Wayf Dress


It is now Tuesday meaning the weekend is over and those of us who vicariously lived through our memories of Saturday and Sunday must now come down to reality. After a weekend of visiting my alma mater (The University of Notre Dame) for an unofficial swimmer reunion, I finally feel like I have everything organized from my trip and I can 100% zone in on work.

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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading | September 17, 2016

BP Sweater - Class Meets Couture-10


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Hello from South Bend, Indiana! This weekend I’m back at my Alma Mater (The University of Notre Dame) for my first home football game as an alum. To be honest, I think I’ll have more fun at this football game than any of the football games from my senior year! While I was in college, most of my close friends were a grade or two above me. I just clicked better with those people! So after they graduated and entered the real world, unfortunately I still had a little bit more school to finish.

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Fall,Wear to Work

Feminine Fall Work Outfit

Office Chic


Welcome to my first Wear to Work Wednesday! If you now look under the “Fashion” tab in my navigation menu, you’ll notice that I separated my looks into “By Season” and Series.” You’ll be able to find all of my future Wear to Work and Five Ways to Wear posts under this tab.

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Finding Personal Style Inspiration

Stripe Joie Tee


Last weekend, I mentioned that my plans were to read on the beach and watch some college football. I did go down to the beach and read as planned. But I skipped out on most of the college football. Why is that? Bc I was inspired by the book I was reading, and once that dam is broken there is no way of stopping the flood.

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