All White for Fall

White on White


With Labor Day weekend coming up, I decided to debut my first outfit for Fall today! I find it a little funny that as soon as I settled into my workspace in Daytona Beach, I’m busy prepping fall outfit inspiration for you all. Yesterday I shot three Fall outfits (including a sweater cardigan), and it was well above 90 degrees outside. I sure do love you all a lot.

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On Body Image

Aerie Real - Class Meets Couture

Disclaimer: this isn’t your typical body image post where I share a touching story of my struggle with body image and how I overcame those struggles.

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Designer Dresses for Less

Off the Shoulder Dress

I’ve been dealing with a reoccurring problem as of late. I’ll be wandering throughout Nordstrom and wind up in the pricier area of the women’s clothing department. Not realizing where I am, I start pulling adorable dresses and off-the-shoulder tops from the racks. After a few exchanges between myself and the kind sales associate building my dressing room, I make my way to try on everything. I pull a gorgeous dress off the hanger, try it on, and fall in love…that is until I check the price tag and realize that I have yet again forgot to shop within the area that meets my budgetary constraints.

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Casual Work Uniform

Kendra Scott - Class Meets Couture-3

Happy Wednesday! Today’s look brings you back to my summer in corporate America, where the Hump Day struggle was real with 4+ trips to the Keurig and the Mood Booster playlist from Spotify on repeat.

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Blogging Absence Explained


Besides a few Snapchats and Instagrams, you may have noticed that there hasn’t been any new content on Class Meets Couture.

I know what you may be thinking. Is this girl for real? Did she give up on blogging? Is this just some random hobby of hers? Should I still follow her?

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Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading | August 6, 2016

Flat Lay Desk

By the time you read this, I will be on my flight to RIO! Don’t worry, I have prescheduled content for next week, so make sure to keep visiting the blog! If you want real-time updates from the Olympics, be sure to checkout my snapchat (@catg89) and my Instagram (@classmeetscouture). I’ll also be sharing material on InstaStories (is that correct spelling?), but who knows where the world of social media will be after a week of the new update! For safety reasons, I will not be bringing my laptop to Rio but I may be able to upload some Olympic-related content while I’m there.

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Anthropologie Eyelet Romper

Anthropologie Romper - Class Meets Couture

My mom always told me that I should only buy something if I really love it. We used a little trick when out shopping to help us decide whether we truly wanted something or not. If I found something in a store that I wanted to buy, we would leave the store without buying it and continue our shopping trip. If I really was in love with the piece, I would drag my mom back to the store to purchase the item.

I know it sounds like a waste of time to double back to a store we previously walked in, but you’d be surprised how many times we would leave a store and not return to purchase whatever I wanted.

This trick works well to save money, but it can also cause some emotional heartache when it turns into a long game of phone tag. Let me explain.

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