10 Thoughts Every Introvert Has on a Friday Night

10 Thoughts Every Introvert Has on a Friday Night | Class Meets Couture


When I was younger, I used to think that I was an extrovert. I was talkative, outgoing, and did very well with strangers in social settings. I was great at making friends in classes, and always participated in classroom discussions. I wasn’t ever afraid to be vocal about what I thought, and I was confident in my beliefs.

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Personal Stories

The Year of Self-Care

The Year of Self-Care | Class Meets Couture


I recently read Chris Guillebeau’s book The Happiness of Pursuit (highly recommended for anyone looking to add some purpose into their lives). In the book, Guillebeau shares a story about a man who summarized each year of his life as “The Year of …” when he was creating goals for the new year. He had the “Year of Travel,” “Year of Fitness,” etc.

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For Love and Lemons Dress

For Love and Lemons Dress | Class Meets Couture


Merry Day (two-days) after Christmas! I originally scheduled this post for yesterday, but I was having some issues with uploading images to my site. It was beyond frustrating!

Anyways, I’m spending the next few weeks in Florida, gathering my things because a big life change is coming my way! I’ve already mentioned the news in this earlier post, but I wanted to talk about it in more detail.

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