Why Boho Is Timeless

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In my opinion, clothes with a boho vibe never go out of style. Just as “prep” is a defined subcategory of American style, so is “boho.” Think loose cuts, lace, floral details, suede, bell sleeves and flared denim. Sure, some of these fabrics and cuts are more “in-style” some years, but the same goes for the gingham print and clean-cut blazers.

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What Working From Home Has Taught Me

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Since making the transition from an office job to working from home, my lifestyle has changed more than I thought I would. Not only is my office setting different, but my work hours, workout schedule, dressing habits, social engagement, and even eating habits have all altered with this new way of life. While I knew that the adjustment would initially be tricky, I didn’t realize that I would be learning more about myself and understanding the obstacles creatives face in a corporate setting.

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Unique Date Ideas

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Hello, hello! After a seven hour drive to Atlanta yesterday, I am more than ready to get this weekend started. The irony is that having 1) a job where you work remotely and 2) another job that’s your own company means that weekends are usually just filled with more work. But regardless, I do try to give myself some breaks on the weekend. And the perfect excuse for a weekend break is going on a date.

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How to Stay Authentic as Your Style Changes

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Authenticity is something I strive for. I strongly believe that when your thoughts match your words and your actions, you are then able to pursue happiness.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about how closely authenticity relates to style. Style is about knowing who you are. When you get dressed in the morning, you are actually deciding how you want the world to view you that day. It sounds a little harsh, but people often do judge a book by it’s cover and in today’s fast paced culture, judgements are often made quickly and with little afterthought.

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5 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around

5 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Around | Class Meets Couture


Let’s get real here, we all have bad days. Sometimes, we can’t control what brings our life negativity (i.e. the passing of a close acquaintance, getting let off at work). But other times, it is our daily routines that give way to stressors that can make a good day turn sour. And when it feels as though that day-to-day grind is what’s bringing us down, it can be difficult to turn a bad day around.

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Fall Favorites from Zara

Fall Favorites from Zara | Class Meets Couture


One reason I love “half-living” in Atlanta is my proximity to every shopping center I need. In Atlanta, it takes roughly 15-20 minutes to get to any neighborhood (or 45-60 minutes during rush hour). So not only do I have access to every suburban superstore (think Target, Ikea, Best Buy, and Costco), but there are also two unbelievably amazing malls: Lenox Square Mall and Phipps Plaza.

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